Make Your Vehicle Shine

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Did you know that your car regularly comes into contact with water that contains damaging minerals, acids and other contaminants? Water is just one of the many things that can damage your vehicle's paint, so it's a good idea to protect it with a nano-ceramic coating.

Advent Auto Detail is certified to apply System X ceramic coatings, so expect precise work from our experts. This coating type is different than a spray-on ceramic coating and needs to be applied by skilled professionals. Set up ceramic coating services for your car at our shop in Utica, NY.

Protect your car's paint

Protect your car's paint

Your car is an investment, so you should keep it in the best condition possible. A nano-ceramic coating will:

  • Give your car a brilliant, glossy finish
  • Protect your paint for years to come
  • Repel water from your car's exterior

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